We, the Vicar and PCC of St Paul’s Church Beckenham, DECLARE a climate and ecological crisis.


We believe     


  • That the creation belongs to God and that he is committed in faithful love to life on earth in all its diversity.

  • That God has given us responsibility as his creatures to be the stewards and guardians of his creation.

  • That God has a special commitment to the poor and defenceless.

  • That God calls us to pray with hope, because he is faithful.


We acknowledge


  • That the urgent warnings in the report by the International Panel on Climate Change (9:8:21) are valid.

  • That the continuing rise in CO2 and other greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere, and the catastrophic loss of biodiversity, are the result of human activity, through the unsustainable use of the earth’s finite resources.         

  • That without urgent action, the effects of global heating and pollution will continue to worsen, threatening all life on earth. These effects will include extreme weather events, disruption of regular rainfall, rising sea levels, and the degradation of the land, sea and air.

  • That those who have done least to cause this disaster are already suffering the most, and will continue to do so.


In the light of this we commit


  • To challenge ourselves, individually and with each other’s help, to imagine and put into practice, as our circumstances allow, a way of life that better expresses our Christian belief and our love for our neighbours and for all God’s creation.

  • To require that every decision made by St Paul’s passes specific ecological scrutiny before it can be taken forward.

  • To seek the help and engage the attention of our local communities, places of work, and other spheres of influence in this crisis.

  • To use our individual and collective voices to speak on behalf of the creation, the poor and the disadvantaged.

  • To use every democratic possibility to hold leaders to account, to challenge injustice and to call for change, in the tradition of the prophets and Jesus himself.

  • To produce and implement a Plan of Action for St Paul’s that is appropriate to the scale and urgency of the issue.

  • To live with repentance, courage and hope in order for God’s will to be done on earth.

  • Above all, to pray continually and urgently for God’s mercy in this time of crisis.

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