Prayer Ministry

As Christians we believe in the power of prayer to an Almighty God who is intimately concerned with our welfare. Good times and Bad!

Within St Paul's there are two specific Prayer Ministries to which you can turn.

The Prayer Cordon, where one email or call from you will allow us to share quite quickly, your prayer requests for emergencies and immediate concerns, with a group of around 50 church members who will provide a ‘cordon of prayer’ to surround such situations. By using email and telephone calls we can keep members of the cordon updated as necessary to maintain the prayer support when there are ongoing needs


The Prayer Ministry Group, where more confidential items can be shared, within a trusted group of some 15 members who have committed to offer intercession in times of need or distress but who will not share the concerns outside of this Group, unless the requestor gives permission to do so or, it is considered someone’s personal safety or wellbeing might be at risk.


This is the ministry that is normally available with one or two members of the Group in the Side Chapel at the 10.30am Services of Holy Communion and Morning Worship. Because of the more confidential nature of this ministry we do not follow up the initial request unless requested by you to do so.

Items for prayer can be submitted or discussed in the first instance with Ian Rodgers by email to

or by phone to 07907 196497.


Always point out if things are confidential.  


Vicar: Rev Simon Couper, 020 8650 3400,

Administrator: Stephanie Fox, 020 8650 0501,

Church Office Hours: 9.30 am - 1.00 pm Mon - Thurs


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