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  • The Gardening Team meets on the first Saturday of the month.  All are welcome; no experience or tools required!  Come and enjoy keeping our gardens spick and span for local community use. Next meetings: 5th Aug, 9 Sep.


  • ​Foodbanks still urgently need our help. More info including how to make financial donations can be found here. Food donations can be left in the large plastic tubs outside the Vicarage door.


Our six Church Life Teams, which run under the guidance of the PCC, are open to absolutely any church member who wishes to contribute to the leadership of our church. We encourage everyone to consider contributing their talents and energies to the running of our church community by joining one of our teams.

​​The panels below outline the responsibilities of each team. If you are interesting in joining a team, please speak to Rev Simon, or email  

View of the nave of the church looking torwards the West window.
The Buildings Team

The Buildings Team is responsible for planning and providing for the future needs of the parish in terms of buildings, grounds, and facilities. This team also has responsibility for significant maintenance projects including the Quinquennial Inspection. Day to day responsibility for maintenance of the buildings and grounds sits with the wardens. 

The Finance Team

The Finance Team is team is responsible for all matters relating to finance and stewardship at St Paul’s. This involves drafting the annual budget for the approval of the PCC, and working with the Vicar to make sure financial news and concerns are communicated regularly and transparently with the wider fellowship.

Stacks of pound coins.
Children seated on the floor in front of the Vicar at an All Age service.
The Children and Youth Team

This team is responsible for the oversight of our children’s and youth provision.  Practically this means supporting the volunteers who lead and teach the children and young people’s Sunday groups, as well as considering how this crucial area of church life can be better resourced, that it might continue to grow and flourish

The Communications Team

The Communications Team has oversight of the various channels of communication we use at St Paul’s, both in contacting the immediate church family, but also in sharing news and events with the wider parish and beyond. This team ensures we are keeping the website up to date, making good use of social media, and have effective measures in place to stay in touch with those who are not online. This team also has responsibility for the technicalities of broadcasting our online services. 

A hand holding an iPhone.
A black and white image of a hand holding an old-fashioned compass.
The Mission Partners Team

This team has responsibility for our developing relationships with our mission partners, both in the UK and overseas, and with the organisations they are connected to.  This team supports our partners through regular correspondence and prayer, and ensures that any updates, either from our partners or their respective organisations, are shared with the wider fellowship.  This team is also involved in suggesting new partners to the PCC as and when a link with an existing partner comes to a natural close.

The Climate and Ecology Team

This team is responsible for ensuring ecological concerns remain firmly on the agenda at St Paul’s, in keeping with the promises made in the PCC declaration in 2020.  The work of this team will range from the practical – working to reduce the carbon footprint of the church building and associated use; to the big picture – working with other community groups in the area to consider what can e done to limit the global harm caused by the present climate crisis.

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