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A child cutting out craft material with scissors.
Children seated on the floor in front of the Vicar at an All Age service, with hands up to answer a question.

Children are a cherished part of the St Paul's family.


During term-time, we offer a crèche for toddlers, and our “Sunday Squad” for older children. During half term, we give our hard-working volunteers a break, and make our main service an All-Age service of worship.


During August, when people are often on their travels, things slow down a bit at St Paul's. We put together a summer sermon series designed to be enjoyed by all ages. Our summer services include a children's talk, with activities provided in the side aisle. This means that there is something for children at St Paul’s every Sunday of the year. 

Our Sunday Squad sessions generally follow the sermon series for the main service. This means that families can share their experiences after church, having reflected on similar themes and passages in the Bible. 

For anxious parents with babies, please know that St Paul’s is a place of warm welcome. You don’t need to be in the least bit apologetic if your child cries or is restless during the service. Please feel free to move around in the service and give your child the attention they need. Equally, feel free to stay with your child in crèche until they feel settled. Your presence is a blessing, and never a distraction. 

We understand too, there are occasions when a child may not wish to leave their parents to join the groups in the hall. Please don’t be embarrassed by this, we are well equipped to help. We have a few toys set aside in the side aisle, and our “stay and play” bags can be handed out upon request. 

Logo for St Paul's Kids: "Discovering Jesus Together".
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