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the beloved son

On Saturday April 27 at 7.30pm, Connect @ St Paul's is excited to present what will be an unforgettable theatre experience.


'The Beloved Son' is a one-man play written by Murray Watts, award-winning playwright and one of the founders of the acclaimed Riding Lights Theatre Company. It will be performed by Andrew Harrison (Dorian Grey, The Bill, Birds of a Feather, and Mr Darwin's Tree, which premiered in Westminster Abbey in 2008).

This gripping play, in which Harrison plays multiple characters with dizzying speed, explores the tumultuous life of Catholic priest, academic and psychologist Henri Nouwen. He abandoned a high-profile life to join the community of L'Arche, Daybreak in Toronto, caring for people with intellectual disabilities.  Expect laughter, tears, and profound insights into the love of God as seen through their unique talents.

Tickets cost £12, and include a glass of wine and nibbles.

To book tickets, please click here.

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