Church Life Teams

With the start of the new academic year, we are keen to kick-start our Church Life Teams.  The teams at St Paul’s are responsible for the various areas of church life.


Under the guidance of the PCC, they are open to absolutely any church member who wishes to contribute to the leadership of our church.  


The five areas are:

  • Finance

  • Buildings

  • Worship (including children’s work)

  • Communications and

  • Mission Partners 

The panels opposite give a brief blurb outlining the responsibilities of each team,


All church members are encouraged to contribute their skills and energies to the running of the church by joining these teams.


Sign-up sheets are at the back of church, or if you would like to register your interest online, please email  


The Buildings Team is responsible for planning and providing for the future needs of the parish in terms of buildings, grounds, and facilities. This team also has responsibility for significant maintenance projects including the Quinquennial Inspection. Day to day responsibility for maintenance of the buildings and grounds sits with the wardens. 

 The Finance Team is team is responsible for all matters relating to finance and stewardship at St Paul’s. This involves drafting the annual budget for the approval of the PCC, and working with the Vicar to make sure financial news and concerns are communicated regularly and transparently with the wider fellowship

The Worship (and Children’s Work) Team is responsible for our public services of worship. This involves reflecting on styles of worship, our use of music and liturgy, as well as thinking about future sermon series. During the pandemic, our children’s work has come under this bracket with the 11:15. This team is therefore responsible, for the time being, for making sure that children and young people are well served by our services of worship. (As we transition out of the pandemic, we will look to form a Children and Youth team in its own right.) 

The Communications Team has oversight of the various channels of communication we use at St Paul’s, both in contacting the immediate church family, but also in sharing news and events with the wider parish and beyond. This team ensures we are keeping the website current, making good use of social media, and have effective measures in place to stay in touch with those who are not online. This team also has responsibility for the technicalities of broadcasting our online services. 

The Mission Partners Team has responsibility for our developing relationships with our mission partners, both in the UK and overseas, and keeps up to speed with the wider work of the organisations they are connected to. This team supports our partners through regular correspondence and prayer, and ensures that any updates are shared with the wider fellowship. This team is also involved in suggesting new partners to the PCC as and when a link with an existing partner comes to a natural close.