St Paul's Connect 'Buddy' Programme

Reach out this Winter: Connecting in Lockdown

Join the 'St Paul's Connect Neighbourhood Buddy Scheme' for New Beckenham.

We have friendly volunteers from across the community, all eager to play their part in tackling the impact of isolation as it becomes more prolonged and severe. 

Click here to see Rev Simon introduce the scheme on YouTube 

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In these coming weeks, we are mindful of the most vulnerable, for whom a winter lockdown will be extremely challenging. 

In response, we are relaunching the 'St Paul’s Connect Neighbourhood Buddy Scheme’ to ensure our community in New Beckenham and the church family can stay connected. To be clear, this is not just for those who go to church, but for the wider New Beckenham community, for those of all faiths and none.

  • Anyone joining ST PAUL’S CONNECT as a “Neighbour” will receive a regular telephone call from their “buddy,” to check they are ok, and to help break through the sense of social disconnection.

  • We are again asking for volunteers to sign up as “buddies,” to be in regular contact, as outlined above.

  • We will check that your support systems for shopping etc via friends and neighbours are working OK and will endeavour to make necessary arrangements if they are not.

  • We will ensure that any home visits are carried out by reputable people who have been DBS checked and/or been given appropriate references. Social distancing will be maintained at all times.

  • We need volunteers for this with either DBS clearances or willingness to give references.

You can join St Paul's Connect as a Neighbour or Buddy by calling St Paul’s Connect line on 07401 261399 or using our dedicated email address

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