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Winter Sermon Series 2020



Wilderness Voices


This term we will be looking at two of the greatest prophets in the Scriptures; Elijah from the Old Testament and his counterpart in the New, John the Baptist. These two figures lived some 900 years apart, they ministered into very different contexts, and yet they spoke by the power of the same Holy Spirit. I wonder what their message to us would be?


As we move into the New Year, as we hold out the promise and potential of 2020 before God, could there be a sense that God is calling us to speak prophetically into our own times and culture? Perhaps not in the manner of these two admittedly eccentric characters, but might it be that God is calling us to be his hands and voice in the world? As we read about Elijah and John, and see how their stories are intertwined in the most amazing way, it is my sincere prayer that we may discover for ourselves the necessary gifts of boldness and of gentleness to a be a pilgrim voice in the wilderness, calling others to the adventure of faith, calling others to the hope that is to be found in Jesus Christ.


1 John: Creed and Conduct


Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.


If anyone says they love God, and yet hates their brother or sister, is a liar.


Some of the best known and most challenging commandments in the New Testament come from John’s letters. The Apostle’s message is clear: A sincere faith in Christ will be evident in the life and decisions of the disciple. John brings faith and ethics together. It’s not that John doesn’t care for the intellectual aspects of Christian belief, rather his concern is about how the rubber hits the road, how faith makes a practical difference in the life of the individual and the worshipping community as a whole. For John, belief and behaviour cannot be separated, creed impacts conduct, conduct evidences creed.


This term, as part of our ongoing discipleship, as part of our preparations for Easter, we will examine our own faith and ask, “Can others see Christ in my love for neighbour and for world?”

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