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October 17th - The Pure in Heart

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October 10th - The Vulnerable

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October 3rd - Mercy

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September 26th - Those who hunger

for Righteousness

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September 19th - The Meek

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September 5th - Those who mourn

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Sermon Series – September and October 2021

The Beatitudes: Becoming, Serving


Seeing the crowds, Jesus went up on the mountain, and when he sat down, his disciples came to him. And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying:  Blessed are the …


The Beatitudes, the series of statements at the start of Matthew chapter 5, are among the most famous of Jesus’s teachings. Regardless of how well we know their specific content, their repeated structure makes them instantly recognisable.


This term, we are going to be looking at snapshots from the gospels which exemplify each of the qualities that Jesus talks about in the Beatitudes. We will see how these divine utterances are revealed through the words and actions of Jesus and his first disciples. Reminding ourselves of the sorts of people Jesus first called into the privilege and service of his Kingdom will be a powerful reminder of all that we must be, as we seek to bless our community with the message and might of the gospel.



5/9/21  -  John 11:17-44  -  Those who Mourn      

12/9/21  -  Luke 19: 1-10  -  The Poor in Spirit

19/9/21  -  Luke 7:1-10   -  The Meek    

26/9/21  -  John 2:13-22  -  Those who hunger for Righteousness (Harvest)

3/10/21  -  Mark 10:46-52  -  The Merciful

17/10/21  -  Luke 7:36-50  -  The Pure in Heart       

24/10/21  -  Matthew 26:47-56  -  The Peacemakers