We support Christians Against Poverty and in particular the local branch in Penge, for whom we also collect for their foodbank

CAP is currently in the middle of a three-year plan, focussing on improving their debt service, making sure CAP is a healthy organisation to work for, and financial sustainability, all of which will ultimately have a positive impact on the people they serve.   CAP wants to see people break free from poverty and experience a life-transforming relationship with Jesus, churches equipped to serve their communities, and change on a national scale for the most marginalised and vulnerable in our society.   They continue to aim to improve and develop the services they provide, including CAP Debt Help, CAP Job Clubs, CAP Life Skills and the CAP Money Course.   We are asked to pray that these services should be the very best they can be for the people using them.   Our link with the Penge CAP Centre continues through personal contact and regular giving in kind through the Food Bank.